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[leafnode-list] Re: Leafnode can't see spamcop newsgroup


On Tuesday 25 April 2006 18:28, Matthias Andree wrote:
> > Yes, that fixed it. I think the problem was that I had previously had
> > the following line for the spamcop server in my config file:
> >
> > only_groups_pcre = spamcop\.
> >
> > I removed this line after I noticed that the spamcop newsgroup was
> > missing. (I should have omitted the "\." when I added that line in the
> > first place.)  I had assumed that Leafnode would detect that the
> > config file had changed and update its group list.  My assumption
> > turned out to be incorrect.  Perhaps there is a good reason for this
> > behaviour, but if not I suggest that it be changed.
> Well, the reason is efficiency. Downloading active lists from half a
> dozen servers via modem isn't fun, and the requirement to use "fetchnews
> -f" is documented both in config.example and the manual page, and
> forcing "-f" for every configuration change seems excessive to me, while
> on the other hand checking if server/only_groups_pcre assignments
> changed requires more effort than I am willing to spend on leafnode-1.

Well, I was advocating the latter solution (checking if the 
only_groups_pcre lines changed), not the former, so it wouldn't be 
necessary to refetch the newsgroup lists.  But if this is too much work 
for leafnode 1.x, no problem.  I'll just wait for leafnode 2.x. :)


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