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[leafnode-list] Re: Disable message-id generation

Jan De Luyck <ml_leafnode_20060606@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Using Leafnode 1.11.5 in Debian Sid.
> Since some time I've been having trouble posting to my upstream news server, 
> Astraweb. No matter what combination of settings I try, Astraweb constantly 
> refuses to accept my msg-id's.
> Currently msg-id generation is handled by leafnode.
> For instance, I just tried posting to be.test, and i got this back:
> pbdl.news.astraweb.com: postarticles: Article file 23546-1149608510-1 
> Message-ID <uakgl3-qvm.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> was rejected: "441 437 
> Rejected 708 000100 MsgIdMismatch"
> moving file 23546-1149608510-1 to failed.postings


> So I really don't see anything wrong with it.

Technically, there isn't anything wrong with the Message-ID. It appears
Astraweb impose limits on the Message-IDs, but I haven't found anything
in their FAQ or on the Support pages as to what limits that might be.

> As another test, I posted a similar article straight to the upstream news 
> server: this was accepted and has Message-Id: 
> <4485a139$0$32419$c3e8da3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> So I'm wondering - is there some way to stop Leafnode from generating 
> msg-id's?

No, since leafnode may post to several upstream servers, and these must
be able to identify identical posts in order to not propagate articles
they already have, and the Message-ID is crucial for that purpose.

> Or is there anything else I can try to make things work?

Can you ask the Astraweb support staff what their limits WRT Message-ID
format are and why they validate the Message-ID in the first place? Ask
them for a quotable answer and their agreement to your publishing their
reply here, please.

Matthias Andree
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