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[leafnode-list] Re: Filling the gap.

On Mon, 04 Sep 2006 18:58:38 +0200, Werner Geuens wrote:

> On Monday 04 September 2006 01:27, Matthias Andree wrote:
>> > One group had not ben read for a while, and the fetching had stopped.
>> > Then it was read again, so the next fetch went to get an update.
>> >
>> > Problem is: I had set "initialfetch" to 250, and now I have a gap.
>> >
>> > How can I fill that gap?
>> Use fetchnews's -x option, for instance: fetchnews -x 1000 - that should
>> suffice for gaps of up to 750 articles. See "man fetchnews" for details.
> Sorry about that. I had only looked in the config file.
> Many thanks, it works perfectly !

Globally, I don't want to set maxfetch in order to, as default behavior,
prevent gaps.  However, for a small number of groups I don't want this
default behavior, for those groups I _do_ want to set maxfetch.

The man page says:

       maxfetch = 1000
              "maxfetch" specifies the maximum number of  articles  fetchnews  (8)
              should  fetch from the upstream server in each group. Its use is not
              advised, because if you use it you will not see all the traffic in a
              group. By default there is no limit.


       groupexpire very.crowded.group = 1

       groupexpire very.crowded.hierarchy.* = 1
              "groupexpire" makes it possible to adjust expiry times for  individ-
              ual  groups.  Expiry  times  are  given  in  days.  0 means "use the
              default", negative values prevent the expire process for this  group
              altogether  (you  can  consider this an archive mode). This value is
              used by texpire (8). You can specify as many  groupexpire  lines  as
              you  like.  It is possible to specify glob (7)-like wildcard expres-

What I want is to set maxfetch for very.crowded.group _only_ and not for
any other groups.  Is this possible?



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