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[leafnode-list] Fetchnews strange problem after timeout

Following happens to me at least once a day :(.
After timeout/disconnect occurs, these XOVER, XHDR occur.

Apr 28 17:56:10 news fetchnews[17832]: news.t-com.hr NNTP server 
disconnected or timed out while waiting for response
Apr 28 17:56:33 news fetchnews[17832]: Unknown reply to XOVER command: 
211 12758 520132 532919 hr.misc.binaries
Apr 28 17:56:34 news fetchnews[17832]: Unknown reply to XHDR command: 
224 4643-4742 fields follow

This had A VERY unpleasant consequence....
In the next fetch ALL message (about 12000 dating back few months
/for some other groups even years :)) belonging to
hr.misc.binaries, are fetched from the upstream server
(although I have initial fetch set to 100).

So, I have to questions:

1. How can I help you find out why this happens and how to solve it?

2. How can I alleviate this problem in the meantime (I wrote filterfile
killing all articles older than 2 days, and set maxfetch to 1000)?

Tomy <t.petrovic@xxxxxxx>
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