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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode-2: fetchnews always says "0 articles posted"

> Matthias Andree:

> Has this article been posted during a previous run perhaps? Fetchnews
> will try again on the next run, detect the article was duplicate and
> then drop it...

what actually happened was this:  the article had not been posted at
all, i found it in "failed.postings", then re-poted it by simply moving
it over to "out.going".

> > <20070531221654.GA3698@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> ...check the PID in the log and see if you've seen "1 articles posted"
> previously. I don't currently see how fetchnews would successfully post
> an article without incrementing the "articles posted" counter, so it
> must've somehow skipped the post.

my logs date back a few weeks, but i cannot find any mention of posts!
i got the log data from my tcpdump(1) log.  the crontab entry:

  fetchnews -v

which i just changed to

  fetchnews -vv >>/log/fetchnews.log 2>&1

to get more information.  how come posts, including failed ones, don't
show up in the syslog?  i noticed that the line "logstderr = 1" in
etc/leafnode/config applies only to fetchnews, but not leafnode.
currently, i have this knob turned off.

but there's news: another article posted via gmane still in
out.going went through using "fetchnews -vvv -n -P" and there it
said "news.gmane.org: 1 articles posted". the dialog with the server
basically went:

  340 Ok, recommended ID <f3safa$4ps$1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  240 Article posted (mailed to moderator)

regards, clemens
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