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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode-2: fetchnews doesn't get my articles

> Matthias Andree:

> Leafnode shouldn't STAT articles it intends to download, it would
> either request them right away, or the header. It STATs before it is
> about to post -- please post more context from logs.

with this said, i'm not so sure anymore.  i can see quite often that
fetchnews posts an article upstream, sees "2xx article posted", but
keeps it in out.going and even moves it to failed.postings.  fetchnews
also posts articles to more than one upstream, and that might be what
confused me.

nevertheless, i cannot find my articles on normal USENET groups, but
i do find them in groups subscribed on the gmane.org gateway.

> fetchnews -nvvv isn't a bad idea, and some more debugging (-e and -D
> flags with proper argument for the latter) won't usually hurt *hint*
> :-)

will do.  i set "-e -vvv -D 2241" meaning DEBUG_{LOCKING,NNTP,STORE}.

regards, clemens
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