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[leafnode-list] Re: 2.0.0.alpha20081120a (and earlier) texpir e -r?segmentation fault

> -----Original Message-----
> > Uncommenting the DebugMode line in /etc/leafnode/config 
> causes texpire
> > -r to die with a Segmentation Fault.  The value assigned to 
> DebugMode
> > seems not to matter.  Recommenting the line removes the Segmentation
> > Fault.
> I'd be willing to give it a tiny slice of my lifetime.  What is the
> exact value of your DebugMode line?

:-)  That is kind.  I did not really post it as a particular request
for help so much as a general issue report, but if you feel so inclined,
I could use the debug info to figure out what is borked up with my spool
and/or configuration files.  When I run texpire -r without debug, it gives
me some error that I cannot discern the meaning - apologies again with
respect to the vague information, but it appears to be saying I have a
bad group name, but then references a group name that appears nowhere
in the files.  I suppose it could be an encoding glitch or something like
that that I cannot see easily in vim.  I planned to get more details over
the next day or two as more of the new server gets up and running, but
hoped the debugmode would pop out more details during the parse of the
configuration files.

I did try the default as shown in the config.example:

  debugmode = 1001

I also tried:

  debugmode = 1
  debugmode = 17
  debugmode = 4095

At one point I wasn't paying attention, and left spaces out from
around the "=" character, but I didn't see what impact that might
have had yet.

The config file was otherwise identical to the config.example.

I run local groups only and experienced the problem with an RPM I built
using the provided .spec file.  I have considered the git / build
scenario as I recently did have trouble on another project where
rpmbuild put in compile flags that triggered a bug, but so far
have never messed with git, so have been slow to get to that.

Kevin Bulgrien

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