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[leafnode-list] Re: Signs of life...

On 2010-04-08, Matthias Andree wrote:

> ...although not on leafnode development currently.
> Three months after the latest post to the list, I'd like to state that I'm  
> still alive. 

Yay!  :-)

> However, most of my scarce spare time however has gone into  
> fetchmail. There have been a couple of fetchmail releases that addressed -  
> sometimes long-standing - critical bugs. Apparently no such bugs were  
> found in leafnode, which is a good thing.

Well, I'm pretty happy with it.

> I hope to have more time to look into leafnode-2 again, and for instance  
> merge the lua extension and sort out the filtering issues uncovered by it,  
> but help on leafnode will be appreciated. I won't be able to devote  
> truckloads of time to leafnode in the next months, but rather only a  
> couple of hours here and there.
> If someone can help getting leafnode 2 ready for the new NNTP standards,  
> that will be much appreciated. Even if you cannot code, but can read the  
> standards and see what leafnode 2 would have to do, such a list would be a  
> big help.  

Can you point me towards the new NNTP standards?

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