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[leafnode-list] Re: large volume (binary) groups

On Thursday 24 May 2012 16:13 Thufir wrote:
> Leafnode doesn't handle binary groups well?

Of course it does, why not?

> Could it be possible to have two different leafnode servers running, one
> for binary groups?  Or, is INN the better tool for grabbing binaries?  I
> have a slower broadband connection, and don't mind large download so long
> as they're in the background and not, for instance, holding up leafnode
> getting gmane text mailing list groups or something.

I use leafnode for both binaries and regular news.

When I had a fast feed from my provider (and they counted nightly downloads 
for half volume towards my download limit), I used to get binaries at night, 
text-only groups during the day.

Now, I'm on a slow server, so I run text fetches every 15 min, binaries every 

By text-only, I mean a fetch that excludes some group masks, such as below:
sudo -u news  env "LN_SKIP_GROUPS=alt.bin*,alt.multi*" /usr/sbin/fetchnews -vv

Binary downloads are actually normal, full download that pick up both binaries 
and text. So, no masks:
sudo -u news  /usr/sbin/fetchnews -vv

If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

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