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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode retrieving previously expired articles

Matthias - thanks for this response

Matthias Andree writes:
 > Am 28.01.2014 12:23, schrieb Robert Marshall:
 > I'll try to do some more debugging this week; for the time being, can
 > you try raising the timeout and timeout_client values in your
 > configuration (add them if not there, see man 8 leafnode for details)
 > to, say, 600 (seconds)?  If that gets us rid of "Unknown reply to ...
 > command", that would confirm a bug in timeout handling.

 Done and I'll see if that makes a difference

 > > I'm also seeing this with other news servers (eg news.individual.net)
 > > where I get this 
 > > 
 > > news.individual.net: gnu.emacs.vm.bug last seen article was 14946, server now has 10752 - 10760
 > > news.individual.net: switched upstream servers for gnu.emacs.vm.bug? upstream bug? 14946 > 10760
 > Are there hints to desynchronization, such as "Unknown reply|response to
 > command..." in the logs for news.individual.net?


news.individual.net: comp.os.linux.x: no new articles
timeout reading.
news.individual.net NNTP server disconnected or timed out while waiting for response
comp.security.announce: considering 75 articles 1519 - 1593, using XOVER
Unknown reply to XOVER command: 411 No such group comp.security.announce
news.individual.net: cannot parse reply to "GROUP comp.software.config-mgmt": "224 1519-1593 fields follow"

and then it moves to the next server

 > > Maybe my ISP (virginmedia) are traffic shaping nntp traffic -
 > > fetchnews seems to be running a lot slower - unless there's a problem
 > > with my local db? Last year my fetchnews run was taking 2 minutes or
 > > less and now it's up to 10 mins or more.
 > Problems with the local "db" are effectively problems with the file
 > system.  Running texpire with an additional -r option should fix any
 > such problem.
Will try this

 > > Also, when updating my leafnode2 installation, I tripped over the move
 > > of the spool from /var/spool/news to /var/spool/leafnode - there's no
 > > mention of this change in the README (or the README.html) and indeed
 > > they still mention the /var/spool/news location as being the default
 > > (eg for --enable-spooldir). It also should be mentioned in the text
 > > produced on a `make install` in install-data-hook
 > Uh. I probably did not mention that in the logs because either it is
 > supposed to pick up /var/spool/news if it's there, or because I thought
 > not to document that in an alpha version.  Thanks for letting me know.
 > You can run configure with options to override the spooldir to use the
 > old location explicitly, that should help.

At some point in the install /var/spool/leafnode was created in spite
of /var/spool/news existing, I didn't notice this and only realised
there was a problem when the clients couldn't retrieve news and the
fetchnews came up with an error about an unknown server (can't
remember the error)?? after downloading the newsgroup lists. Probably
due to interesting.groups being empty?

I moved the /var/spool/leafnode out of the way -
/var/spool/leafnode/leaf.node/news.individual.net exists but it's
empty and made a soft link from /var/spool/news to /var/spool/leafnode
and that works for me.

I see that the Makefile creates /var/spool/leafnode (at
install-data-hook) so /var/spool/leafnode will always be used unless
something else has been specified as an argument to configure

Robert Marshall
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