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[leafnode-list] Re: xinetd on centos 7 install

Thanks Matthias!

> Good question.
> Can you connect internally?

I'm not familar with any console nntp readers. Are there easy way to do that?

> Is xinetd actually running or is just some configuration tool listing it
> (or leafnode) as enabled?
> Can you check, for instance, with netstat or lsof, what process is
> listening on port 119?  What address is the listener bound to? Should be
> the wildcard (

lsof -i | grep xinetd
xinetd     7581     root    5u  IPv6 16752624      0t0  TCP *:nntp (LISTEN)

Hm, does this mean that is listen with TCP6 only?
I have line
        v6only          = no
in the xinetd.conf...

> Is there any firewall/iptables configuration active?

No, I beleive.

> If there is a router involved, does it expose/forward the port to the
> computer running xinetd and leafnode?


> Is the computer reachable from the outside at all (and not subject to
> dual-stack Lite or IPv4 NAT)?

Yes, sure. It's public web-server.

Thank you,
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