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[leafnode-list] Re: Current version of leafnode 2? <issing configure file?

On 2015-06-26, MatÄj Cepl wrote:

> On 2015-06-25, 13:26 GMT, Adam Funk wrote:
>> If so, how do I run the './configure --.....' step?  There's no
>> configure file.
> The standard way is
>     $ autoreconf -v -i

Thanks, but I've decided to use Matthias's tarball, since I know what
I'm doing with that (now I've said it!).

><Overfiend> Don't come crying to me about your "30 minute
> compiles"!! I have to build X uphill both ways! In the snow! With
> bare feet! And we didn't have compilers! We had to translate the
> C code to mnemonics OURSELVES!  And I was 18 before we even had
> assemblers!

That's great!

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