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RE: Two More Problems

> Jeff Grossman (jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> > I am also getting the following two errors.  These are in my
> messages file:
> >
> > 1.  Jan 31 19:04:18 apple leafnode[4452]: config: server is
> news.swbell.net
> > Jan 31 19:04:18 apple leafnode[4452]: config: server is
> msnews.microsoft.com
> This is normal ...
> > Jan 31 19:04:18 apple leafnode[4452]: Groupinfo file possibly
> truncated or
> > damaged: -h 0 1 0 -x-
> .. but this is not. Apparently your groupinfo file is corrupted. Leafnode
> prints the line which it thinks is damaged. In your case, it appears that
> one of your newsgroups starts with - which is, as far as I know,
> not allowed.
> You can either try to repair your groupinfo file manually, or get an
> entirely new groupinfo file by calling "fetch -f". This will also fix
> your problem with group descriptions.

I have run 'fetch -f', I have not checked the log files to see if this error
is gone yet.  Hopefully it is.

> > 2.  Jan 31 16:56:07 apple leafnode[4041]: illegal article:
> > /var/spool/news/comp/mail/pine/87
> [more similar messages snipped]
> I would definitely interested to see some of those. Unfortunately
> leafnode up to 1.8.1 usually deletes those files immediately. They do
> not contain any proper information, and I don't know how they are
> created.

I am getting these all over the place.  Just today I had cron send me mail
at least 5 times with illegal articles in it.  It is a bummer that Leafnode
does not do a better job of trying to fix the problem.

Thanks for you help.


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