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Optionally not querying for new newsgroups?

I'm using version 1.9.2 of leafnode under RedHat Linux 5.0.

I have newly subscribed to this leafnode mailing list, and I have a
question about the way that leafnode queries for new newsgroups.

Is it possible to tell leafnode not to query the upstream server for
new newsgroups?  I didn't see any way to do this within the
documentation I have, although perhaps I missed something that might
have been written about this (???).

If there's no way to inhibit the test for new newsgroups within
leafnode, I'm willing to add this functionality and submit a patch
here.  The way I'd probably do this would be to create a new option to
be used within the /etc/leafnode/config file which controls this
behavior ... possibly something like `nonewgroups'.  It should be set
to `1' when the newgroup checking is to be inhibited, and to `0' when
leafnode is to perform this checking as it currently does.  The
default would be `0', of course, so that no existing configurations
would break.

What do you folks think of this idea (assuming, of course, that there
isn't already some way to inhibit newgroups checking that I somehow
might have missed)?

 Lloyd Zusman
 God bless you.

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