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Re: Really slow startup

>Thanks. This makes the problem obvious:
>Apparently the documentation is not really clear about this. You have
>three times the same server, so fetch will try to access the same
>server three times. Only for the second time the "nodesc = 1" is
>honoured, only for the third time the "timeout = 60" is honoured.
>If you delete the "supplement" lines from the config, it should
>work just fine.

Fixed. Cheers. I was wondering why it was connecting three times. I was 
assuming that the connection was failing and it was trying again until the 
entire transaction was complete.

>(And if you can give me a hint on how to improve the docs, I would
> be very grateful.)

Put in a paragraph saying that a `supplement' line defines a new server, 
rather than modifying settings for a previously defined one, and that defining 
a server twice will mean that it's connected to twice.

Oh, a minor feature request:

When fetch updates the database, it retrieves articles from all the newsgroups 
and then updates all the .overview files. It would be nice to have the option 
to have fetch update the .overview file after finishing a newsgroup. This 
would mean that when doing major updates, changes would come on-line bit by 
bit rather than nothing happening for four hours (yes, been there) and then 
everything appearing at once.

Would this be hard?

PS. Everything works very nicely and I *do* like the zero-maintenance feature.

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