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Re: When does Leafnode decide to skip newsgroups?

Following up on my own message, I believe I may have found the problem, but
not the cause.

At 14:40 28.03.99 +0200, you wrote:
>I'm experiencing a problem with Leafnode 1.9.2 - it unsubscribes me from
>newsgroups when it shouldn't. I've had the same problem with pervious
>versions, too, but I'm not sure if the cause was the same. I'd been hoping
>that 1.9.2 would cure the problem, but apparently it hasn't. But it could
>be due to a configuration error on my part, too, of course.

It seems my groupinfo file had been truncated and the last group in it was
something like alt.planets.saturn or similar, so most of my groups were
unknown to all the Leafnode programs. I have rerun fetch with the -f option
and the groupinfo file is at its old size again.

The question remains why my groupinfo file is truncated so frequently. This
is probably the sixth time I've had to have fetch rebuild it this year.
That can't be normal, can it? Can it?! Please say no...

Tobias Reckhard (jester)

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