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Re: [leafnode-list] scripts to keep groups coming (was: (no subject))

<< > comp.os.linux.powerpc! 1-667,696,710-711
I an assuming this should be a colon if it was a subscribed group. Sorry for
being nitpicking about it. >>

Yes, the "!" is a ":" if it's a subscribed group.  As a digression, it
is possible for a "!" to be followed by an article number list.  Any
leafnode code should probably start at the start of each line, and
save characters until '!', ':', or '\n' (need it worry about '\r'?).
In theory either '!' or ':' must occur, but I'm currently having a
problem with leafnode causing trn to corrupt my .newsrc (!), and I'm
not willing to bet on .newsrc always being perfect.

Another possible concern: those article number lists can get REALLY
long.  Thousands of bytes long.  Beware buffer overflows!  (Or use
Perl, but I think that's not an option in a leafnode distribution.)

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