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Re: [leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE] leafnode-1.9.3

Enrico Luciano wrote:

> 	I installed Leafnode 1.9.3 and then complied it, but it seems that is
> always the old version running, infact when I try to telnet my host on
> port 119 it replies with:
> 	200 Leafnode NNTP Daemon, version 1.9.2 running at nnnn.xxx.com
> so it seems the old version...
> I have SuSE 6.0 Linux installed and leafnode was added as an RPM.
> This is what I've done: (as root)
> /configure ; make; make install; 
> it failed and then I copied the files as described is previous arcticles
> after that make install goes ok [I rerun it]

Which program is called by telnetting to port 119 depends on the entry in
/etc/inetd.conf. You can either choose to change the entry or copy the
executables to the places indicated in /etc/inetd.conf. From what I have
heard from SuSE, I would recommend the latter method because YaST sometimes
seems to overwrite configuration files.

The makefile copies the executables to /usr/local/sbin/. If your old
executables reside in /usr/local/leafnode, you can copy the files from
/usr/local/sbin there.

There is no easy way to find out whether your executable is 1.9.2 or
1.9.3 because Leafnode programs don't have a -v switch, but you can
start an nntpd by hand and will be greeted by the familiar stuff that
you posted above. Type "quit" to end the program.


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