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Re: [leafnode-list] suggestion for next version....

Russell J. Romano wrote:

> My problem is that my scripts are written in perl.  Perl can not (easily)
> run a program like fetchnews and then continue onto the next line of code.

I am not a perl expert, but you would probably have to use the fork()
command. The following is copied almost verbatim from the "Camel Book"
(Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen & Randal L. Schwartz, Programming Perl,
O'Reilly, 2nd edition, 1996).

   if ($pid = fork) {
      # continue parent process
      # pid of child process is in $pid
   } elsif (defined $pid) {
      exec "fetchnews -vv"
      # not reached
   } elsif ($! =~ /No more process/) {
      # EAGAIN, supposedly recoverable fork error
      sleep 5;
      redo FORK;
   } else {
      # weird fork error
      die "Can't fork: $!\n"

(Disclaimer: I have not tried this.)


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