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[leafnode-list] Can leafnode handle moderated groups?

I'm currently running leafnode 1.9.2 under FreeBSD 2.2.7.

I'd like to know if leafnode can handle moderated newsgroups?
(This doesn't seem to have come up on the mailing list archives, apologies
if I missed it!)

I'd like to post to the uk.telecom.moderated newsgroup, but when I tried to
do so, the posting failed, with the error

 441 Posting Failed (Couldn't invoke mailer for Moderated Group)

when I tried to use 'fetch' to send outgoing articles to my ISP's server.

Spookily enough, some other users of my ISP have also reported
similar errors (Windozers using different newsreaders, ie, not leafnode
users!) recently, which rather makes me suspect that the problem may be at
my ISP's end, and not with leafnode, but I'd just like to check!

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