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Re: [leafnode-list] delaybody configurability

Dave Sherohman wrote:
> Finally, I'd like to see an option to control the maximum frequency with
> which fetchnews will retrieve articles.  I'm on a flaky PPP link with diald,
> so running fetchnews from cron is unreliable, but if I put it into my ip-up,
> it runs every time I connect to the net; I'd like to be able to put it in
> ip-up, but configure it to only read new articles once a day.

What I would suggest is ip-up checks to see if a temporary file
(/tmp/news.got or something) exists and if not create it and then invoke
fetchnews. This could be a short perl or shell script. Then have a cron
job to delete the temporary file every day or whatever.

This is similar to my setup here and what I have done.

Just my 2p :-)

Stuart Clark

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