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Re: [leafnode-list] delaybody configurability

On Sun, 16 Jan 2000, Stuart Clarke wrote:
> Dave Sherohman wrote:
> > I'm on a flaky PPP link with diald,
> > so running fetchnews from cron is unreliable....
> What I would suggest is ip-up checks to see if a temporary file
> (/tmp/news.got or something) exists and if not create it and then invoke
> fetchnews. This could be a short perl or shell script. Then have a cron
> job to delete the temporary file every day or whatever.
> This is similar to my setup here and what I have done.

While we're on the subject of wrapper scripts, I had a situation where I used
to get problems with the ppp connection soon after the initial connection. 
Fetchnews was being run from ip-up.local, would run on initial connection, pppd
would die, fetchnews still running, so diald starts the connection again,
bingo, another fetchmail starts running, ad infinitum!

So I put a wrapper script around fetchmail to check for a file in a tmp
directory, checks to see if the existance of the file really means that
fetchmail is running, if not, runs fetchmail, otherwise doesn't.  If anyone
else would find it useful feel free.

Just my 2d.


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