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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchnews Won't from Cronjob

 On 30-Jan-00 Stefan Bauer opined:
> I'm running the fetchnews from the root crontab without any problems.
> Did you try to change the user for the fetchnews entry to root - are
> there the same problems?

Now, here's a weird one.

I took the above advice. I modified crontab to give me a closer time to
test this. But I forgot to change the user to root. Saved the changes, made
sure crontab was reloaded properly, sat back to wait. It was only about a
minute away when I realized I forgot to change the user. I opened the
crontab in emacs again, changed the user to root and just before I saved it,
I saw something start running (I use icewm and have the little ppp activity
area on the taskbar). Looked to see what process it was. Lo and behold, it
was fetchnews!

Note that the only change was the time: the command remained the same, the
user as well, the placement in the crontab, everything.

It can't be a simple matter of reloading the crontab. I've rebooted for
various reasons, checked to make sure it was reloaded before when changes
were made, use hc-cron to make everything run that may have been previously
missed, made and removed multiple entries in crontab, you name it. Nothing
worked to date and I was going to see how scripting the commands might work.

Now I'll try changing the time back to what it was to see if that has any
adverse effect, which it shouldn't since the lock placed in the directory
by texpire was always gone long before fetchnews was called.

This sure beats the bejesus outta me!

The computer revolution is over. The computers won.

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