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Re: [leafnode-list] Relly odd problem

Ian Christian wrote:

> Ok, I ma having a really strange problem.  When I run fetchnews -vvvv, the
> following happens
> Mallorie:/etc/leafnode # ~/news/leafnode-1.9.13/fetchnews -vvvv
> Removing stale lockfile.
> 1.9.13: verbosity level is 4
> Trying to connect to news4.usenetserver.com ... connected.
> Posting 12623-959955141-3...
> Then my modem connection is lost.  Does anyone have any ideas why this might
> be?

It may be related to the following question from the FAQ:

7. When fetching articles, the connection is interrupted by the pppd.

   The article which causes the interruption contains three plus signs
   ("+++") which is interpreted by a subset of modems as the beginning of
   a command. You can either change the command introduction sequence or
   switch off the command completely. Consult the instructions of your
   modem to find out how this is done.

Without knowing the article text, it is difficult to judge this.


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