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[leafnode-list] starting slrn


It's the first time I'm speaking here. I subscribed yesterday and I know I'm
violating netiquette, but I couldn't wait longer for an answer to my problem
to appear. I hope you forgive me, the more because the problem must be
extremely easy to solve. The question is: where am I doing wrong?

Two computers: 1 and 2. 1 is the server, running leafnode. 2 is the news
client, running slrn. Network configuration and leafnode installation must
be OK, since I used this combination for long (the problems appeared after I
bought new computers and installed Red Hat 6.2 on both). The problem
appeared to be slrn's, but after asking all slrn gurus I gave up.

Here is what I do:

1) I start slrn on 2 for the first time, slrn -f ~/.newsrc -create.
Everything seems OK -- I subscribe to new newsgroups, list only them (L),
read the "dummy" leafnode news, etc.
2) I start slrn for the second time (after fetching news). Still - as if
everything was OK. I read news, reply, subscribe to new newsgroups.
3) The problem is always the third time: slrn sees all newsgroups as NEW.

I tried everything (including reading documentation :-). I copied and
swapped .jnewsrc and .newsrc, I tried various host -> .jnewsrc mappings, the
$NNTPSERVER is of course OK, I deleted all "bogus" groups from groupinfo,

The most important thing is that someone told me to upgrade to at least
1.9.9 (I had 1.9.6 before). And I did this! I upgraded to 1.9.11, then --
thinking that upgrading went wrong -- I deleted everything and installed
fresh 1.9.11. All to no avail.

I'm kind of dizzy of all this, that's why I'm turning to leafnode list.
(Because otherwise I got to know leafnode as THE perfect server for my home
network -- thank you Cornelius, Arnt and all the others!).

Thank you in advance,
Adam Podstawczyński

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