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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode and Gnus

Mads Villadsen wrote:

> I use Gnus 5.8.7 and leafnode 1.9.14, and I have trouble actually
> reading the correct articles. I am using delaybody, and I think this
> is what is causing the problem. I have tried disabling the cache in
> Gnus (using (setq gnus-use-cache nil)), but that doesn't help.
> Most of the time when I go to read an article that has been fetched I
> either end up reading a different article (the header and body don't
> match) or else I get a message telling me that the article will be
> fetched the next time.
> These problems probably have to do with the rewriting of the article
> ID's (as I have mentioned in a previous mail), and I have looked at
> the source for fetchnews, but I couldn't find the place where this is
> altered.

It's in getbody(). There the original article is unlinked and a
new article is written. Sorry, no patch from me today. The problem
is that you cannot simply append the body to the headers, because
the headers always have a default body. This could probably be
fixed by patching the nntpd as well so that it inserts a default
body for articles which consist only of headers (yuck).

The behaviour will be changed in Leafnode 2.x because there the
headers are retrieved via XOVER (which is much faster); as a
consequence, each marked article has to be retrieved fully (because
the headers retrieved through XOVER are incomplete).

AFAIK Gnus is the only newsreader which has problems with the ID
rewriting. IMNSHO the ID rewriting is a good thing (tm) since it makes
fully downloaded articles show up in the newsreader (I tried tin and
Netscape) as unread (which was the original reason to introduce ID
rewriting). Like Mads, I would appreciate some feedback on this.

(Sorry for not responding to your email. However, I appreciate it if people
 actually contact the mailing list instead of writing me privately :-) It
 also increases the likelyhood of getting a response.)


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