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Re: [leafnode-list] names of the articles in /var/spool/news/

unknown wrote:
> does anybody know how leafnode will call articles if there are more
> than 10.000 in one directory? Will leafnode start to overwrite or is
> there no limit for the number of articles in one directory?
> I'd like to know this because I have a cron-job
> zip -u [a .zip-file] /var/spool/news/[..]/*. If leafnode is going to
> use the same names for articles again, this cron-job will overwrite the
> older article in the zip-file.

If you don't lower the "high water mark" in the groupinfo file, there is no
(numbering will start from this mark+1 if not already used).

I suggest you to run fetchnews with the -n option because "water marks" are
reset to one in case of automatic unsubscription in the current release.

..and if some old articles have been previously deleted in /var/spool/news/,
names already existing in your zip file can be used if you subscribe again.

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