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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews hangs

Mathias Waack wrote:

> I'm using a "standalone" Mail/News/.../-Server at home. It checks 
> for news 2 times a day. Sometimes the connection get interrupted 
> before fetchnews finishes its job. In this cases fetchnews 
> hangs forever, I must kill it.

Use either "kill -INT" or "kill -TERM" (which is equivalent to just
using "kill"). In this case, fetchnews will finish properly. In neither
case are postings lost that have already been downloaded. Even if kill
the process with SIGKILL, the postings are already on your harddisk;
only the overview information and the active file are not updated.
Both will be done by the next run of either fetchnews or texpire.

The timeout code in fetchnews 1.9.18 is quite unsatisfactory. Even worse,
the timeout code in the fetchnews 2.x beta versions is as bad as the code
in 1.9.18.


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