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Re: [leafnode-list] Unexpected behaviour of fetchnews -vvv

Alan Mackenzie <acm@xxxxxx> writes:

> rec.juggling: receiving article 65829 (6 more up in the air)
> storing <datachow-2908010820340001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> rec.juggling
> .as article 24037 in rec.juggling
> .as article 24038 in rec.juggling
> .as article 24039 in rec.juggling
> .as article 24040 in rec.juggling
> What is unexpected is the lack of lines like "storing <...>" between
> the "..as article ..... in rec.juggling".

Looks like the high water marks in groupinfo have become out of date,
and 24037...24039 have been there already, while fetchnews thought 24036
was the last one. It just retried because it got EEXIST on its hard link
attempt until it succeeded.

You should run texpire Real Soon Now[tm] to fix the groupinfo low/high
water marks and watch its logs.

You should also consider recompiling your 1.9.19 after applying the
locking patch that I offer at http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/ 
Get fix-1.9.19-locking.patch if your patch understands unified diff (GNU
patch does), get fix-1.9.19-locking.context.patch otherwise.

Matthias Andree
begin  dont_click_this_virus.exe
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