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Re: [leafnode-list] Spam filtering + Wishlist

On 07-Jan-2002 David Findlay wrote:
>> Check out noffle, it has support for "online" mode, which may be what
>> you want.
>> http://noffle.sourceforge.net/
> I'll take a look, but so far the closest thing to what I'm after has been 
> leafnode.

Leafnode and Noffle aren't that different. The major area of difference
currently is that Noffle stores its newsbase in a GDBM file, so the
'conventional' /var/spool/news file hierarchy isn't available. Noffle was
written by Markus Enzenberger specifically to support the 'online' mode you're
after (after he'd given up trying to make it work properly in Leafnode). That
being said, it is probably the least tested piece of Noffle functionality; 'not
much call for it round here, squire'.

There is a Noffle 1.0.1 package in Debian testing & unstable. The current 1.1.1
development tarball has some stuff (regexp filters on overviews spring to mind)
which I think you want, so is worth checking out (but as the 1.1 series
maintainer I would say that anyway).

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