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[leafnode-list] local groups and binaries

firts off the local groups with leafnode2.0  is great when posting text or
1 binary at a time it work great. When post multiple binaries say pics,
files or what not with an automated type program ie: newspost (im sure
others would be the same) that is able to post at a fast rate leafnode
doesnt seem to handle it, also all my testing has been done on the
localhost. what happens is the first few get posted fine then somehow i
get a few leafnode processes that seem to hang forever, in my test i
posted 12 files all around 100k or less the first 5 or 6 got posted fine
then had 2 leafnode processes working using all availbe cpu, i waited
about 20 in or so and nothing happened, after 20 min i killed the 2
leafnode's and after that it seemed to post the remaining files, so out of
12 files posted only 10 got put into the spool.
If theres anymore info i can provide let me know.
using leafnode-2.0b8

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