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[leafnode-list] NEWGROUPS time

With some of the recent leafnode-2.0b8_ma* versions, slrn reports new
newsgroups to me more than once - that is, if it occurs that I start it
more than once in an hour (?).  My guess is there is something wrong
with time calculation inside leafnode, because:

- 'slrn --debug debugfile' gives me
---[ debugfile ]---
>NEWGROUPS 020204 162045 GMT
<231 List of new newsgroups since 1012832445 follows
but GNU date says

$ date +%s --date="16:20:45 GMT"
$ date --date="16:20:45 GMT"
Mon Feb  4 17:20:45 CET 2002

Seems to me leafnode is a couple of hours off or I am missing something.
Can somebody confirm this or tell me that I am doing something wrong?


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