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Re: [leafnode-list] 2.08b: Unknown reply to XOVER command

Stroller schrieb am Mittwoch, den 06. Februar 2002:

> 2.0b8_ma9 *seems* to be hogging resources a bit on my poor old P-150 - 
> everything else is running a bit slowly, and connections to kNode are now 
> timing out some, if fetchnews is running, too. Is this expected behaviour..?

Actually, it's not. However, old machines tend to have less powerful IDE
chips, and if your disk drive runs in PIO mode, that may hog down things
a bit, and if it's slow, particularly so. I may try to reactivate my
486SX25 some day and go figure why things are slow.

Are these timeouts related to fetchnews running at the same time and do
they go away when there is no fetchnews active at the same time? Do
these happen around posting articles or just at any time it likes to? Is
knode also running on that Pentium 150?

Is your news spool on a local file system (reiserfs/ext2/ext3) or across
a Samba (smbfs) mount?

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