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Re: [leafnode-list] 2.08b: Unknown reply to XOVER command

On Wednesday 06 Feb 2002 7:38 pm, you wrote:
> Stroller wrote:
> > On Wednesday 06 Feb 2002 5:14 pm, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> > > ... ?My guess: he copied the source files not
> > > keeping the timestamps, config.h is empty or garbage...
> >
> > Why are the timestamps relevant..?
> Make depends on it.  If a source file is newer than the target compiled
> file, the make rule for compiling will be applied. ...

Doh! I'm sorry - I didn't know this.

> *snip* (ftp'ing uncompressed source files)
> > Yup. Whoops..! This does indeed seem to screw the dates on the leafnode
> > source files.
> Don't know a sure way to get by if you cannot use tar on the target
> machine or compile on the other machine.

Don't worry..! It's simply that coming from a Windows background, I've never 
gotten around to learning how to uncompress from the CLI. The tools are 
available on the headless box & I could man gunzip (?) or X-window accross, 
but I find that samba'ing the files preserves date information.

> I'm sorry if my last message sounded offensive, I've had those kinds of
> problems before.

Don't be silly..! I have found all the replies here to be concise & helpful. 
I apprecaiate your help & apologise for being an idiot.

I recompiled & all seems to be working now. I waited until leafnode was 
running before posting to check, so apologise for my late update.

I stuck with 2.0b8_ma9, as I had the source handy (I got it a couple of days 
ago, because Mr Andree's website said it was the latest stable). It has 
connected once sucessfully to news.eclipse although that server now seems to 
be timing out - I am sorry not to be able to update more helpfully, but I 
assume this is a server issue, as it does the same direct from kNode.

2.0b8_ma9 *seems* to be hogging resources a bit on my poor old P-150 - 
everything else is running a bit slowly, and connections to kNode are now 
timing out some, if fetchnews is running, too. Is this expected behaviour..?

Sorry to ask more dumb questions after I've had you all running in such 
circles to help me, so feel free to ignore this idiot.


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