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[leafnode-list] filtering

I have leafnode and slrn installed (mainly due to assistance from 
Cornelius Krasel), and am very happy with the initial usage. I run 
Debian (Potato) and as I have little basic computer knowledge tend 
to do most things by hand.

At present, I fetch far more messages than I want and would like to 
start understanding something about filtering (haven't yet got to 
grips with regexps, but a quick run through suggests I should be 
able to master them to a reasonable degree).  However, I've been 
unable to find any documentation which gives a good number of 
examples to use as a starting point. One group I now read covers 
news readers and most postings deal with either Xnews or slrn -
I do not need Xnews and as most of these messages have 'Xnews' 
(or 'Re:Xnews') early in the subject line, I should be able to do 
something about them - how do I get these ignored, not downloaded, 
sent to /dev/null or whatever? It seems the docs assume everyone 
knows how to filter - I do not. Would someone please help.



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