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[leafnode-list] fetchnews in parallel?

hi there ;)

I've subscribed only for info about bugfixes & security fixes, but it
something came into my mind when I've lost half of the harware in the
server, and most notably - the disk (and i haven't made any backups
because i've just ressurrected the server from yet another disaster in
which two backups gone *(&))(&*( ;) )

I got stuck with downloading many articles (7 days worth of 20 groups, 3
of them > 200/day, 9 > 100/day). but I have the servers in the config like

maniack@sandra:~$ cat /etc/leafnode/config |grep "server ="
server = news.supermedia.pl
server = news.task.pl
server = news.ipartners.pl
server = news.icm.edu.pl
server = news.task.gda.pl
server = news.vogel.pl
server = news.microsoft.com
server = news.mozilla.com
server = news.uw.edu.pl

and I was wondering - will fetchnews someday will be able to go into
parallel with this? almost al of them carry all the groups, so the fetch
could go faster, way faster when going parallel instead of serial.

is it planned, is it made in leafnode 2.x, or will it never be? :)

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