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[leafnode-list] Re: [Leafnode-announce] Leafnode 1.9.33.rel released (STABLE)


> o Fix local article number extraction again, along the lines suggested by
>   Fumiaki Miura. This bug marked the wrong article for download if a header
>   of the structure "Xref: my.ser.ver abcabc:20 abc:10" was in the article

[truncated in transport]

Wow. I wonder who eats my leafnode-announce postings that are forwarded
to this list,  if it's the virus scanner at Würzburg university or

Here's the rest of the announcement.

o Ralf Wildenhues fixed two subtle bugs in signal handling again, making sure
  we don't warp backwards in the program flow when ^C is pressed twice.
o The nodesc flag was not in effect for fetchnews -f or after adding a new 
  server, making fetchnews redownload the FULL active file over and over again.
o Downloaded articles don't show up in out.going in multi-server setups any
  more, they did when articles to post were in out.going because fetchnews
  messed up its directories.

### CHANGES: documentation
o Options added since 1.9.20 now appear with the leafnode version when the
  option was introduced in the manual pages.

### CHANGES: fetchnews
o Leafnode will now use the "ARTICLE" command to download articles if no   
  filterfile is defined or if the new "article_despite_filter" option is set
  and "delaybody" is off. This speeds up article download, particularly on   
  high-latency links such as interleaved DSL or satellite links.
o There is a new global option, "article_despite_filter", defaults to 0 for
o There is a new per-server option, "noread", which defaults to 0 and is   
  therefore compatible with previous releases of leafnode.
  If set, the server is not queried for active files or articles (but
  skipped), but posting to this server is still tried. Useful to  complement
  "nopost".  Courtesy of Dmitry Samersoff <dsamersoff@xxxxxxxxx>.
o Fetchnews compares the local clock to that of the upstream server it's  
  talking to if the upstream supports the "DATE" command, and warns if both
  clocks are more than 10 minutes apart (but the program will continue for

### CHANGES: leafnode
o The DATE command is now supported.

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Matthias Andree
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