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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchnews - Permission denied

ben.gee@xxxxxxxxxx schrieb am Sunday, den 09. February 2003:

> mkstemp(/var/spool/news/fetchnews.lck.SHufyl9476) failed: Permission denied
> Cannot obtain lock file, aborting.
> What's the problem? Leafnode run's under news :
> nntp            stream  tcp     nowait  news    /usr/libexec/tcpd /usr/local/sbin/leafnode
> Security f the spool dir :
> beastie# ls -la
> total 19
> drwxr-xr-x     8 root  wheel    512 Feb  9 16:13 .

It has no permission to write into a directory that is owned by user
root, group wheel. Try chgrp news /var/spool/news ; chmod g+w
/var/spool/news -- or configure the lockfile to a different location.

Note 1.9.26 is outdated, use 1.9.33.

If you built from the OpenBSD port, please contact the port maintainer
for help.

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