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Re: [leafnode-list] MacOS X fetchnews permission denied


a critical packaging error in the Fink leafnode package has been
reported on the leafnode mailing list. I have an analysis and suggest
remedies below, please continue reading. Note that leafnode-1.9.36 fixes
some serious bugs in leafnode 1.9.33 and older, so please update the
package, too. Thanks in advance. Note you will not be able to reply to
the list unless you subscribe, see http://www.leafnode.org/maillist.html

Yvon Thoraval wrote on 2003-03-13:

> i did install leafnode (1.9.33) thru fink on MacOS X.2.4 (latest) and i 
> get the following error, just after editing the config file
> [nord-mon-ip:/sw/etc/leafnode] yvonthor% sudo -u news /sw/sbin/fetchnews
> Password:
> mkstemp(/sw/var/run/fetchnews.lck.yagHXTM820) failed: Permission denied
> Cannot obtain lock file, aborting.
> i should mention /sw/var/run/ is empty and is ::
> drwxr-xr-x   2 root  admin   68 Jan 18 18:59 run

Then the error message makes sense. fetchnews has dropped its root
privileges by the time it tries to create a lock file -- and it has no
permission to write the /sw/var/run directory (it's owned by root).

This is a packaging error, and also a case of incomplete documentation.
Please apologize. I'll change the default lockfile location to be within
$spooldir for 1.9.37 and newer.

> the only directory (as i've seen) being news.news is :
> /sw/var/spool/news
> all of is content being news.news

Hope that helps,

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