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[leafnode-list] 1.9.37 problems on FreeBSD

Hello -

I recently updated my leafnode installation to 1.9.37, using the FreeBSD port system, and now I'm having problems.

Fetchnews works fine, texpire works fine.
I ran the upgrade script referenced in the INSTALL doc.
make test works fine.

Problem is that when I connect to leafnode with a news client, I see new messages updated, and if I enter the newsgroup I can see the article header. When I attempt to read/retrieve the body of the article I get no response.

I'm seeing this problem both on a remote machine (an OS X box running MT NewsWatcher), and the server itself (running pine).

What's confusing to me is that if I just do a telnet connection to port 119 (from either machine), I can enter Article and Body commands and retrieve the article bodies with no problem. I had been guessing I had permission/ownership problems with the news account, but this seems to eliminate that.

Any suggestions?


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