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[leafnode-list] Delayed answers from my leafnode-server

Hi Mailinglist,

I apologize for my miserable english.

I have a little problem with leafnode v. 1.9.42.rel on my freebsd

If i connect leafnode from an other pc (eg with outlook... Or slrn), i
must wait some minutes for the connection. I've tried to connect
leafnode from the local system. The result of "telnet localhost 119" and
"help" is nothing. If i wait some minutes and enter again "help", i get
the normaly help-screen. The newsreader on my other machine says "the
newsserver dont answer". Also on this machine: i wait some minutes and
it works fine...
I've checked the inetd.conf, hosts.allow. All is ok.

Anybody here, which have an idea?

Thanks and again: sorry... My english... 


Peter Reimer

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