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[leafnode-list] Removing domain name from headers

I've noticed that messages include an Xref: header which includes my domain 
name. Does Leafnode add this? Is this a reference to which server I used to 
collect the message (ie, effectively my own machine given that I'm using 

What I'm asking, I guess, is if my domain name is thus appearing in the 
headers on other people's machines.

I've noticed that outgoing messages which are replies have a references header 
which also include my domain name - eg <no5lc1-v7b.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>. I 
presume this is for news servers and readers to manage threads? Is there any 
way of avoiding this?

I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3 on Linux, by the way. If Leafnode isn't 
involved in any way, please excuse the intrusion.

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