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Re: [leafnode-list] Merging 2 instances of Leafnode

Matthias Andree wrote:

Mark <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Due to a hardware failure that resulted in a complete reinstall of the
operating system (Mandrake linux 9.1) and leafnode, I now have 2
instances of leafnode as the original could not copied from the original
pc to the new pc for a couple of days.

What leafnode versions are you running?

If it's leafnode 1, do the spool directories have the same name length? /var/spool/news and /usr/spool/good are evidently same name length, /leafnode and /usr/local/var/spool/news are not. This is important for the hash function.

The spool directories are the same length.

So what I have is this:

1) Pc #1 has all OLD leafnode posts and configuration up to and
including 02/05/04. This is the pc that went down with hardware failures.

2) Pc #2 has all NEW leafnode posts and configuration up to and
including 02/10/04, but nothing previous to 02/05/04.

I backup the interesting.groups and leaf.node every night so all the
article counts etc are still in sync and none were missed, however as
shown above they are split accross 2 diferent pc's.

Does this mean that for each of the groups, the content in
/var/spool/news/group/name on #1/OLD has files 2 to 1376 and #2/NEW has
articles from 1377 to 2321, without overlap within a group?

This is correct

If you have any number both in OLD and NEW, there is some effort necessary.

Is there any way to merge leafnode #1 into leafnode # 2 pc or

Depends on the leafnode version how difficult or expensive that's going
to be.

One caveat, there are literally hundreds of thousands of articles on pc
#1. I am archiving, but not epxiring articles as I collect them for a
database project I am working on....dont ask :)

What is the overall article count estimate? A million? Can you show your

There are approx 700,000 articles

The config file is pretty well the default except for:
expire =  500
groupexpire any.local.newsgroup = 500

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