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[leafnode-list] leafnode hanging

I installed Leafnode 1.9.50 today, and so far it has hung twice when reading
from a dodgy server (text.news.ntlworld.com) which I only use for a few
newsgroups. This prevents it from reading from the other servers at the
scheduled next run (10 minutes). It has happenned on earlier versions, so it
may be coincidence. Logging was set to 0 so not much to show there. 

Is there a timeout to set to abort an inactive fetch? or should I automate my
script to kill the process before calling fetchnews. Any suggestions?  

Brian Duffell    RiscPC600      | StrongARM 233Mhz RISC OS 4 66Mb
  Linux PCs on RISC OS network    | <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
  Darlington Dolphin Masters ASC  | <www.darlington-masters.org>

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