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[leafnode-list] leafnode-1.10.x texpire "relinked message" problem


I think this problem started with leafnode 1.10.1, perhaps earlier. It
is still there with 1.10.3

During a texpire run the debug log fills with "relinked message" lines.

I found that there are many messages in the newsgroup directories that
have linkage count of only 1. When texpire processes such newsgroup a
link is created in the message.id/nnn directory. However at the end:

|Aug  2 14:02:42 bali texpire[2077]: be.comp.os.linux: relinked message <ceh2je$i66$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <-> 70615
|Aug  2 14:02:42 bali texpire[2077]: be.comp.os.linux: relinked message <pan.2004.> <-> 70616
|Aug  2 14:02:42 bali texpire[2077]: be.comp.os.linux: 0 articles deleted (0 duplicates), 5204 kept
|Aug  2 14:14:21 bali texpire[2077]: 269921 articles deleted, 3611 kept
|Aug  2 14:14:26 bali texpire[2077]: wrote active file with 69750 lines

in those 12 minutes most, or even more then the just created links are
destroyed. There is no logic that I see why some links are not
destroyed, it is not the file date anyway. No articles seem to expire
anymore, there are many messages older then the set expiration age (60

The spool is on a reiserfs 3.6 file system. I am running kernel 2.6.7 on
a Debian Sarge system.

Any suggestion where the fault might be?

Rein Klazes
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