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[leafnode-list] Getting earlier messages into leafnode.

My usual news server is having overload problems, so i tried the one with my 
other ISP.  Somehow, a marker was set so that I didn't get the normal default 
of 300 posts for "initialfetch."  (I know that 2 000 is recommended, but that 
many wouldn't be available in Knode, and I couldn't read that many.)  In one 
group I have only about a half-dozen.

What can I do to reset the counter on a per-newsgroup basis, short of deleting 
everything and starting again? If I delete the relevant message folders in 
/var/spool/news, will that do it?  If I unsubscribe and re-subscribe, I will 
still get only later ones.  Using version 9.2 - anything later causes 

(BTW, thanks Matthias for the tip about the extra buttons.  I have abandoned 
that server - the spam was getting through regardless.)

(Anyone know of dictation software for Linux, else I will have to go back to 
Windoze. :-(  All suggestions direct please.)

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