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[leafnode-list] New texpire(8) manual page for leafnode-2 alpha

I've revised the manual page for leafnode-2 as follows:

texpire(8)                   Leafnode                  texpire(8)

       texpire - delete old news article threads

       texpire -V
       texpire    [-fnr]    [-D    debugmode]   [-F   configfile]

       Leafnode is a USENET package  intended  for  small  sites,
       where there are few users and little disk space, but where
       a large number of groups is desired.

       The design of leafnode is intended to repair any  problems
       itself,  to  detect what newsgroups the users read, and to
       require no manual manual maitenance.

       Texpire is the program which deletes old articles from the
       local  news  spool,  rehashes  the  spool after updates of

       -D debugmode
       -- ---------
              Switch on debug mode. This will log a lot of infor-
              mation  via  syslog to the facility "news" with the
              priority "debug". Useful for tracking down problems
              with  your  upstream  server(s).  If debug mode has
              already been set in the config file, increase  ver-
              bosity.  See  config.example  for details on how to
              set the debugmode.

       -F configfile
       -- ----------
              Read configuration from an  alternate  config  file
              instead of /etc/leafnode/config.

       -f     Expire  will  look at the arrival time of the arti-
              cles rather than at the access  time.  Expiry  will
              still be thread-based.

       -n     Dry run mode. In this mode, texpire will not delete
              anything, it will just write what it would do with-
              out -n.

       -r     Repair  and  migrate  mode.  In  this mode, texpire
              tries to save as much of the news spool as it  can.
              This mode MUST be used when upgrading to a leafnode
              version which has a  different  hash  function  for
              message.id  than  the version previously installed.
              If in doubt, use -r after an update.

       -v     Be verbose.  A maximum of four -v can be used  (the
       --                                    --
              more  v,  the  more verbose).  Don't expect all the
              output to make sense.

       -V     Print texpire version information and exit.

       /etc/leafnode/config.example documents the debug modes.

       See leafnode(8) for the list of other files affected.

       Texpire is thread-based, not article-based.  That means it
       will  only  delete an article if the whole thread it is in
       has not been  accessed  within  the  given  expiry  period
       (through the expire and groupexpire parameters).

       Texpire ignores "Expires" headers.

       Texpire is unable to delete articles in groups where arti-
       cle numbers are far apart,  because  the  required  memory
       depends on the difference between lowest and highest arti-
       cle number in that group.

       Written by Arnt Gulbrandsen <agulbra@xxxxxxxx>  and  copy-
       right  1995  Troll  Tech AS, Postboks 6133 Etterstad, 0602
       Oslo, Norway, fax +47 22646949.

       Modified  by  Cornelius  Krasel   <krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       wuerzburg.de>.   Copyright of the modifications 1997-1999.

       Modified  by  Matthias  Andree   <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>.
       Copyright of the modifications 1999-2004.

       Parts  written  by  Stefan  Wiens <s.wi@xxxxxx>. Copyright

       tcpd(8), hosts.allow(5),  leafnode(8),  fetchnews(8),  RFC

leafnode                    2.0.0.alpha                texpire(8)

Matthias Andree
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