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Re: [leafnode-list] groupinfo has lost some moderated flags

On Wednesday 14 Sep 2005 09:14, Matthias Andree wrote:
> David Aldred <nr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> >> Maybe I should just change to order of the servers in
> >> /etc/leafnode/config so that news.ntlworld.net comes first. Though the
> >> real solution is to get the ntlworld admins to wake up to the problem
> >> (as my solution isn't going to help folk like David)
> >
> > No - but if I can get my overall problems sorted out (the issue here
> > seems to be Postfix rather than leafnode,
> Ah heck. You need to set debugmode to contain NNTP protocol trace
> (debugmode should contain the bit values 8 and 1) to obtain logging from
> fetchnews. Find attached a patch against the recent leafnode-2 release
> to correct logging (successful logging will use INFO priority, error
> logging will use ERROR priorit). 

Thanks - that will help in future!  Matthias, are you documenting this in the 
main documentation?   I'm sure Robert and I aren't the only ones for whom the 
ability to bypass upstrem servers for moderated groups - and the ability to 
see that it's working - would be useful.

> > (In that respect, does Fetchnews set any particular exit code if it's
> >updated the groupinfo file, or would I just have to go on the file
> >date?)
> It doesn't, it will usually touch the file each and every time when it's
> completing.

Pity!  Ah well, it's not much system resource to grep the file for the 
incorrect flag(s), and then awk it or something to correct it!

Or... <thinks>...  how about appending a non-existent newsgroup (say 
zz.zzz.zzz) to the end, then if a grep doesn't find that there's been a 
complete fetch, so awk can swing into action and correct moderation flags for 
known groups?   That would be less resource-hungry if I want to make a script 
capable of correcting the flags on a whole list of groups....

Would such a fake group break anything (assuming no-one actually tried to 
subscribe to it, which isn't too hard to arrange in a small-scale network!)?

David Aldred

David Aldred
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