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[leafnode-list] Re: possible bug in leafnode-2.0.0.alpha?

Theodore Heise <theo@xxxxxxxx> wrote in

> Yesterday, I read a post in alt.cellular.verizon that had added a
> crossposting to comp.dcom.xdls with follow-up set to the latter
> group:
>   1)     Message-ID: <dh7s7k$beq$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I wrote a follow-up to that post, allowing slrn to honor the
> follow-up setting and post only to comp.dcom.xdsl:
>   2)     Message-ID:
>   <slrndjmnkh.1eq.theo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> A few minutes later I realized that comp.dcom.xdsl was neither
> among my interesting groups nor my subscribed groups.  So I then
> added it to my slrn groups, and opened the leafnode placeholder.
> My follow-up has now appeared on other servers, and I have posted
> a follow-up to it from a different account:
>   3)     Message-ID:
>   <slrndjo94c.eon.theise@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> However, my first post (2) does not appear on my own news spool.

I've seen similar behaviour, where I've wanted to subscribe to a new 
group in order to post to it.  I open the group and read the 
placeholder, and then post to it.  When fetchnews runs, I see the 
posts appear, but I never see the message I sent even though it 
appears on upstream servers.

I have the strangest feeling I mentioned this before some time ago, 
but I couldn't find the message so maybe I imagined it.  It's 
certainly a long-standing feature.

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