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[leafnode-list] Re: Configuring posting and fetching differently from various servers.

Matthias Andree <matthias.andree@xxxxxx> wrote
in news:m37j8qwo2j.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: 

> Martin <virenfang@xxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Well, this brings an idea to my mind, but I'm not sure whether
>> I'm right:
>> /etc/leafnode/config:
>> |server = news.individual.net
>> |... the lines concerning this server ...
>> |server = your.isp's.server
>> |... the lines concerning your isp's server ...
>> So leafnode knows about all your servers. Articles come and go to
>> all of them. *But*: Articles should be sent to
>> news.individual.net first, then to your isp's server. Thinking
>> about today's speed of news, there's a chance that your isp will
>> reject your article as "already known". 
> This has been working for years. :-)

Indeed!  My config file is a good example of a similar way of 
thinking.  Borland server carries only Borland groups, and 
propagates news outwards, but does not accept incoming feeds from 
other news servers (i.e. if you want to post to a Borland ng, you 
have to do it via their server).  MS news server carries MS groups 
only - I could remove it, but its feed is better spam filtered than 
my own ISP.  gmane & jrsoftware are both "private" servers, i.e. not 
connected to the wider usenet.

This all works very well and has done for years - I just give this 
as an example of a more complex setup.  The outgoing posts always 
find their way to the right place, because the servers are tried in 
the order listed.

server = newsgroups.borland.com
timeout = 30

server = msnews.microsoft.com
timeout = 30

server = news.gmane.org
timeout = 30

server = news.jrsoftware.org
timeout = 30

# NTL server carries a lot of spam.  Since we get MS and Borland
# groups direct, and they are spam filtered, don't pull in from 
# NTL as this just adds spam.  Use PCRE to prevent this.

server = news.pull-feed.ntli.net
timeout = 30
only_groups_pcre = (?!borland\.public\.|microsoft\.public\.)

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